Gallery News and Guests

Each month we have a guest artist/maker, as dates are confirmed they are listed below.

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1-28 February:  “Softened Landscapes”

For our first guest maker of 2018 we welcome Pip White who is creating a selection of felted pictures – landscapes, birds and flowers.

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2-31 January:  “Wareham Winter”

Our resident artists and makers celebrate the delightful Saxon town in which we are situated.  A warm, wintery welcome awaits.

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Our 2018 programme of guest makers in now complete

January:   “Wareham Winter” – resident artists/makers

February:  Pip White – felted pictures

March:  Peter Thomas – master woodturner

April:  Lynsey Reid – upcycled art

May:  Katy Tunstall – stoneware & porcelain vessels

June:  Colin Jones – stoneware ceramics

July:  Olivia Clifton-Bligh

August:  Kitty Hartnell – metal work & mosaics

September:  Lucian Drane – glass & ceramic design

October:  Linda Payne – needle felted animals

November/December:  All the guests for the year return for a mixed exhibition of all the delights that have been shown in the Gallery over the last nine months.

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1 November-23 December:  “We wish you a wooden Christmas”

Something a bit different for our Christmas show – we will be joined by eight makers in wood, all creating in different ways.  Geoff Knott – wood turner (chair pictured below), Richard Gibson – shaker box maker, David Ewer – green wood maker (reindeers as above), John Sweeney – spoons and pimps (don’t ask … well actually they are very beautiful rustic fire starters), Jane Dunn – driftwood Christmas decorations, Maggie Powell – laser cut Christmas decorations, Kate Kirkby – gothic mirrors and Andy Millar – the pen man (the latter two returning after their very successful show in April.

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29 September-31 October:  “Creature Creations”

A delightful display of mythical and imagined birds and animals in papier mache created by Diana Girdwood – colourful to brighten up autumn days.

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1-29 September:  “The Fabric of Art”

Brenda Weeks exhibits her dramatic, intricate embroidered textiles at the Creative during September.  Framed pieces, bags and colourful brooches.

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31st July-31st August:  “From Fire and Smoke”

We are delighted to welcome David Walker, Weymouth potter, back to the Gallery with his astonishing naked raku pottery.  David hand builds his sculptural forms and vessels before submitting them to the fire and smoke of the raku firing process – his skill is displayed in a dazzling array of forms all of which have been plucked red hot from the kiln and plunged into sawdust for the smoking process.

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3rd-30th July:  “Woodland Wanderings”

Mary Sutton returns to the Gallery for our July exhibition, with a stunning display of her new work inspired by her walks through the Dorset countryside.  Mary uses machine embroidery and layers of fabric to create truly evocative landscapes.


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1st June-2nd July:  “Artistry In Iron”

Our first visit from a blacksmith, Lucille Scott will be showing unusual ways in which iron can be used to create sculptures as well as every day items, often combining the metal with other materials such as glass and stone.

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1st -31st May:  “Plants Up Close”

Gill Jelley, botanical painter, will be exhibiting her detailed paintings for flowering plants – the out come of hours of observing the intricasies of plants up close.

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3rd-29th April:  “Reflections in Wood”

Reflections can be in water or glass, or written as memories – Kate Kirkby and Andy Millar join us at the Creative, Kate with her gothic mirrors made from recycled wood and Andy with his pens beautifully turned from exotic woods.

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1st March-1st April:  “Traditional & Contemporary Willow”

We have the pleasure of welcoming Linda Mills to the gallery with her woven willow sculptures and baskets which combine traditional techniques with a contemporary twist.

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1st-28th February:  “A Passion for Paper”

Katie Davies returns with her paper cut pictures, a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes, carefully framed for a contemporary look .  Hearts, maps, birds and more.


4th-31st January:  “Memories of Summer”

A selection of art works, pottery, photography, glass and jewellery created by our resident artists/makers in celebration of the glorious summers past – looking forward to the longer, brighter days to come …………….


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Our programme of guest makers for 2017 will be as follows:

January:  Our resident artists/makers ” Memories of Summer”

February:  Katie Davies – paper cut pictures “A Passion for Paper

March:  Linda Mills – willow weaving

April:  Kate Kirkby and Andy Millar – mirrors, pens & boxes

May:  Gillian Jelley – botanical paintings

June:  Lucille Scott – blacksmith

July:  Mary Sutton – textile pictures

August: Dave Walker – naked raku pottery

September:  Brenda Weeks – embroidered textiles

October:  Diana Girdwood – papier mache animal sculptures

November/December:  “We wish you a wooden Christmas” – 8 makers in wood.

4th November-24th December: “Twelve Makers for Christmas”

This year we’re going for something a little different, we know how difficult it can be to find that perfect gift for someone special at Christmas – so we’re bringing you a selection of work made be some of our previous guests, and some makers new to the Gallery.

And you can sing along to enjoy the items that will be on offer ….

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a pot by Jack Doherty.……………………….

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me – two driftwood trees   (by Jane Dunn)

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me – three pots of flowers  (by Maggie Cooke)

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me – four button jewels  (by Gill Smeulders)

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me – five cats by Em-i-ly (by Emily Stracey)

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me – six paper bowls (by Babs Barrow) 

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me – seven towering vases (by Bryony Burn)

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me – eight Christmas fairies (by Judi Northover)

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me – nine felted pictures (by Rose Hatcher)

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me – ten stitched brooches (by Anne-Marie Vanner)                    

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me – eleven driftwood harbours  (by Michelle Clements)     

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me – twelve shaker boxes (by Richard Gibson)

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1st October-3rd November:  “My Take on Nature”

Brian Chard, local wildlife photographer, will exhibit his superb colour photographs of British animals and birds, as well as more exotic species taken on trips to other parts of the world.  As well as framed and mounted prints, there will also be a selection of smaller items into which he incorporates his images.

brian bears

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1st-30th September:  “A Light Breeze”

Carol and Neil Cruickshank will be exhibiting their combined and individual creations during September.  Carol creates textile images using patchwork techniques of the Jurassic Coast and Dorset towns and villages, which Neil frames in driftwood frames, as well as creating more sculptural pieces from driftwood and found objects.

carol lyme

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2nd-31st August:  “A Colourful Patchwork in Clay”

The fabulous ceramic vessels created by Jacqui Atkin will be showcased in the Gallery during August.  Brilliant colours are used to enhance the images built up in the decorative layers in Jacqui’s work – a delight in the summer sunshine.

JA Aug 16


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1st July-1st August:  “Feathers and Flora”

Olivia Clifton Bligh will be exhibiting her hand burnished and illuminated linocut prints along with some of the bronze sculptures she creates.  Her prints appear in frames and mounts, as cards and books.  Birds and flowers feature in her detailed and interwoven images.

OCB Goldfinch & Lavender,Song Thrush - Version 2

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1st-30th June:  “Out of the Woods”

Paul Boak joins us in the Gallery for June.  His beautifully turned and carved wooden vessels will be a real highlight in the Gallery’s programme for 2016.  Wood is a captivating material, and the surfaces Paul achieves after many hours of painstaking work have to be touched to be fully appreciated.

paul may

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2nd-31st May:  “Driftwood Harbours and Seascapes”

During May and the beginning of Purbeck Art Weeks (running 28th May-12th June) we delighted to welcome Michelle Clements with her quirky harbours and seascapes all made from driftwood found on beaches of Dorset and the West Country.  Michelle also creates jewellery inspired by the sea and incorporating found sea glass.

michelle 2

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1st-30th April:  “Sewing for Spring”

As Spring sunshine lengthens the days we are delighted to welcome Anne-Marie Vanner (Meninafeliz) – an enchanting display of items created from fabrics,  paper,  wire and much more – Accessories for fashion and the home.


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1st-31st March:  “Only Natural”

During March we host Katy Tunstall with her elegant porcelain and stoneware vessels, decorated with images inspired by the flora and fauna of West Dorset.


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1st-29th February:  “Hearts and Kaleidoscopes”

An exciting and colourful display of Katie Davies’ cut paper pictures.  Hearts, butterflies and warm kaleidoscopes of brilliant colour.

katie Davies Feb 2016

4th-30th January:  “New Year- New Work”

A mixed exhibition of new creations from our resident artists and makers.  Ceramics by Rosemarie James and Fiona Kelly, paintings by Cliff and Graham Towler, silver jewellery by Wendy Nutt, photography by Caroline Walker and fused glass by Linda Rowe.

January 20116

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The programme for 2016 is all confirmed, an exciting mix of makers as listed below:

January:  our resident makes/artists – “New Year – New Work”

February:  Katie Davies – paper cut pictures – “Hearts and Kaleidoscopes”

March:  Katy Tunstall – decorated vessels

April:  Anne Marie Vanner – accessories for home and fashion

May:  Michelle Clements – driftwood landscapes

June:  Paul  Boak – turned and carved wood

July:  Olivia Clifton Bligh – lino cuts and bronze sculpture

August:  Jacqui Atkin – contemporary ceramics

September:  Carol and Neil Cruickshank – patchwork pictures and driftwood.

October:  Brain Chard – wildlife photography

November/December:  “12 Makers for Christmas!” –   a change from our usual individual or small group guests, there will be 12 makers for two months – featuring Jack Doherty, Bryony Burn, Emily Stracey and Maggie Cooke ceramics, driftwood trees and landscapes by Jane Dunn and Michelle Clements, Shaker boxes by Richard Gibson, papier mache bowls from Babs Burrow, felt by Rose Hatcher,and decorative accessories and jewellery from  Anne Marie Vanner, Judi Northover and Gill Smeulders.

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1st-24th December:  “Three from the East”

Closing our year of pottery guest makers the Gallery hosts an exhibition of the work of three East Dorset potters.  Suzette Knight, Holly Sandham and Jan Thompson.  They all create constructed and encrusted vessels, but use very different techniques and glazes celebrating the amazing variety that can be achieved with clay.

suzettecalender pics 2015 14

calender pics 2015 13
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2nd-28th November:  “Porcelain and Crystals”
Heather Muir & Rose Bates

During November we welcome two Southern Ceramic Group members – Heather Muir and Rose Bates.   Heather makes delicate porcelain vessels in subtle shades, her bowls are often faceted to give surface interest, while Rose works extensively with crystalline glazes on many forms, as well as working in raku and porcelain.

calender pics 2015 10

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2nd-31st October:  “Storm, Calm and Smoke”

Tessa Wolfe Murray joins us for October.  Her wall hangings and vessels capture movement and peace with elegant, minimal lines and contours.

3-graces tessa

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2nd-30th September:  “Nature in Clay”

Jill Fanshawe Kato‘s beautifully illustrated vessels celebrate the wonders of nature.  Birds, sea and plant life are all featured.

jill's birds

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1st-31st August:  “Ceremonies for Everyday”

We are delighted to be joined by renowned potter Lisa Hammond for the month of August.LisasFootedBowlsLisa will show her soda fired wares, many of which are designed for everyday use, for those moments when to use a special clay vessel can turn a simple mug of tea or coffee into so much more.

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29th June-31st July:  “Together in Clay”

Fil and Maggie Cooke will be showing the work they produce from their workshop in Upwey.  Fil uses stoneware clay and fires in a soda kiln, making robust functional forms, while Maggie creates very delicate porcelain bowls and wall hangings with impressed natural objects and plants.  A delightful contrast.webpic1741


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2nd-31st May:  “Emerging Forms”

David Walker returns for a third exhibition at the Gallery with his fantastic naked raku pottery.  Dave’s free flowing, dymanic forms are now often highlighted with contrasting glazes, his techniques and shapes are always evolving.

Dave is with us for the first half of Purbeck Art Weeks, which runs from 23rd May-7th June – a great opportunity to view a wealth of local talent throughout the beautiful Isle of Purbeck.daves exhib

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1st-28th June:  “Sculptural Geometry”

Mark Hilde exhibits for the second week of Purbeck Art Weeks, and throughout June.  Mark’s individually handbuilt sculptures demonstrate his interest in architecture and the interplay of light and shadows.

SONY DSCmark hilde 3

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2nd March-1st April:  “Out of the Smoke”

Jan Griffiths and Margaret Newton will be showing their work in the Gallery through March.  Jan mainly uses raku firing, and Margaret smoke fires her sculptures – both these techniques trap the smoke within the clay to enhance or describe the piece.Jan Griffiths - raku lidded jarsmargaret-owl

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2nd April-1st May:  “Out of the Blue”

Russell Coates from Somerset was one of my first evening class tutors at Goldsmiths’ College.  He has trained in Japan to develop his own individual style using underglaze blue to paint his designs of animal, birds and fish onto platters, bowls, boxes, vases, mugs and jugs, before enamelling with bright colours to bring his pots to life.


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2nd-31st January:  “Ancient Wares”

We kick off our 2015 programme of guest makers with Bill Crumbleholme‘s pots inspired by his interest in archeological finds from medieval and iron age digs.  Bill also creates pottery using the ancient firing techniques of raku and wood firing.  His “Ancient Wares” fit perfectly into a modern setting.


bill c web pic

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2nd-28th Febuary:  “For Love of Clay”

Emphasising the importance of the teacher/student relationship when learning the art of making in clay, Charlotte Miller who teaches pottery classes in Poole exhibits with one of her students, Felicity Roberts.  Charlotte is well known for her fanciful budgies, while Felicity produces varied sculptural pieces.


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Programme for Guest Makers 2015

We have Guest Makers for 2015 to celebrate the 40 years that the Gallery owner has spent making pots.  These are all potters who have taught, inspired or encouraged Fiona over the years, and demonstrate the full range of clays and the possibilities of what can be made using them.

January – Bill Crumbleholme – archeological pots

February – Charlotte Miller & Felicity Roberts – sculptural ceramics

March – Jan Griffiths & Margaret Newton – raku and smoke fired ceramics

April – Russell Coates – underglaze blue porcelain

May – David Walker – naked raku pottery

June – Mark Hilde – ceramic sculptures

July –  Fil & Maggie Cooke – soda fired stoneware and porcelain

August – Lisa Hammond – soda glazed shino pottery

September -Jill Fanshawe Kato – stoneware decorated ceramics

October – Tessa Wolfe Murray – smoked pottery

November – Rose bates & Heather Muir – crystalline glaze and porcelain

December – Jan Thompson, Holly Sandham & Suzette Knight – encrusted and constructed vessels.

Full details for each exhibition will be posted as titles and dates are finalised.

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1st-24th December “Festive Greetings”

Our final exhibition of the year will include festive gift ideas from all our resident artist/makers as well as drift wood Christmas trees and wreaths.

linda christmas

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1st-29th November “Creatures in Clay”

During November we will be welcoming a host of animals to the Gallery – both domestic and wild, created by Pippa Hill, animal sculptor from North Dorset.



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2nd-30th October “Jazzy and Jeff’s Furtastic Empurrium”

Cats and more from Emily Stracey‘s fantastic world of fantasy. emily stracey 2

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1st-30th September “Fractured Earth”

The sculptural vessels of Ian Harris inspired by the weathering and movements in our landscape. Ian Harris

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1st-31st August “Impressions of Fire II”

David Walker returns with his amazing naked raku vessels. David Walker Naked Raku with red glaze (1)

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2nd-30th July “1st Gather”

The dazzling blown glass of Lance Jones – bowls, vases and orbs, catching the summer sunlight. leaflet3 *****************************************************************************

1st-22nd May “Dorset Blues”

Mixed show of creations by our resident artist/makers celebrating the blues of the sea and sky in summer.

24th May-8th June “Venetian Carnival”

Following the theme for Purbeck Art Weeks 2014 our resident artists, Cliff and Graham Towler, have created a selection of original acrylic paintings, prints and cards inspired by the Venetian Carnival.  These are accompanied by a wide selection of photographs, ceramics, and jewellery which take their inspiration from the beautiful Purbeck landscape in which we live. The Gallery will be staffed by our makers who will be demonstrating their techniques daily as well as serving customers. The Gallery will be open seven days a week from 24th May, from 10am-5pm, until October, 2014.

Venetian masks - Graham Towler

The Gallery will also be represented in the main Purbeck Art Weeks exhibition at Rollington Barn, near Corfe Castle.  See the PAW website for more information about all the shows and events during PAW 2014.

9th-30th June “The Wild Side of Dorset”

An exhibition of paintings, ceramics and photography highlighting the beauty of the scenery and wildlife to be found in Dorset.  We will also be hosting a display from the local RSPB branch and Dorset Wildlife containing information about local reserves, events and membership opportunities.


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18th-31st January 2014 – the Gallery will be closed for redecoration.  Reopening on 1st February with our guest maker programme:

1st-28th February – “A Softer View”

Rose Hatcher: felt artist. Combining merino wool and silks Rose creates dazzling landscape and flower pictures, as well as accessories and jewellery. Durdle Door

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3rd-29th March – “From Tree to Table”

Peter Thomas: wood turner Peter takes locally sourced wood that would other wise be put on the fire and turns it into fabulous bowls, platters, candle sticks and much more.

summer 2013 026

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1st-30th April – “Faces and Places”

Caroline Walker:  photographer An exhibition of Caroline’s travel photography, in contrast to her Dorset landscape photography which is always on show at the Gallery.

Faces & Places-1


The following lists our programme of guest artist/makers for 2014

January – Creative resident artist/makers and the Gallery will be closed for the last two weeks of January for redecoration. February – Rose Hatcher: felt artist March – Peter Thomas: wood turner April – Caroline Walker:  photographer May/June:  Creative artist/makers for Purbeck Art Weeks July – Lance Jones:  glass artist August – David Walker: naked raku pottery September – Ian Harris:  sculptural ceramics October – Emily Stracey:  ceramics and prints November – Pippa Hill:  ceramic sculptures December – A Creative Christmas


November/December 2013

November highlights the work of our resident artist Cliff Towler, showing a selection of his new paintings of the Jurassic Coast Wildlife and Landscapes.

Fossilised fish 3792 10in x 10in small

During December we will feature work by all resident artist/makers with a Christmas theme – A Creative Christmas.  Drift wood trees, glass and ceramic decorations and gifts of jewellery, pottery, photography and paintings. xmas glass


September/October 2013

Continuing our “Maker of the Month” series in September we have the work of textile artist Mary Sutton: “A Country Living”.  Images of countryside, animals, flowers and more.  Mary’s textile pictures will be on show in the Gallery from Monday, 2nd September until Saturday, 28th September.


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And following on from then we exhibit the pots of Val Sparkes in “All at Sea” a selection of pots inspired by the shipping forecaste, alongside her charming domestic ware, from 1st-31st October. PENTAX Image


July/August 2013

New from July 2103 we are introducing a series of “Artist of the Month” exhibitions. Starting on 5th July-31st July with “Heading West” – paintings and prints of the Jurassic Coast and the West Country by Graham Towler.


And followed by our first guest artist with “Impressions of Fire” – the naked raku pottery of David Walker from 2nd August-31st August.


Watch this space for further announcements!

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